Red Curry
Classic Thai curry with coconut milk, sliced bamboo shoot, bell pepper and fresh basil.

Green Curry
Slightly sweet, yet spicy curry with coconut milk, eggplant, fresh basil and bell pepper.

Panag Curry
Creamy smooth curry with coconut milk, bell pepper, carrot, fresh basil and a hint of kaffir lime leaves.

Yellow Curry
Aromatic spicy oriental curry with coconut milk, potato, pineapple, carrot, and onion.

Meat Choices

Chicken, Tofu or Mixed Veggie 10.75
Beef 12.25
Prawn, Fish 12.75
Mixed Seafood 14.75

Specials of the Week

We receive very good responses with all curries in our regular menus, but this curry is yet another story, with premium cut of beef slow cooked in aromatic Thai Massaman curry with potato, pineapple, carrot, onion, and peanuts. This dish packs full flavor to satisfy even the most demanding curry lover.  12.95


Red Curry
Red Curry