Chili Basil Reward Card

We, Chili Basil Thai Grill, truly appreciate all kinds of support from our customers. In return, we are always thinking about some way to give our gratitude back as much as we can, and to benefit as many customers as possible.

A Chili Basil Reward Card will be available to every customer upon request. Yes, it is for collecting redeemable points similar to other point cards you may already have. But, with our concept of sincere gratitude, the Chili Basil Reward Card will have many unique features worth adding to your collection.

How does it work?

Super Easy Rewards
For every $10 spent on anything in our menu, you can earn 1 CB Credit, and our Redemption Offers starts from just 3 Credits only.

It's Transferable and Combinable
We treat CB Credit almost as real cash (sorry, our server cannot trade it as gratuity). You may giveaway your redeemable card to your friend to try our food, or you may also combine cards from friends to redeem more items for your party as well.

No Personal Info Collected
There is no application form for this card. Upon your request during check out, we will give you the card filled with your eligible CB Credits. This campaign is to give our gratitude back to you, not to collect your personal info for any other marketing purposes.

Easy Redemption

You can start to redeem your reward as soon as you have 3 CB Credits on your Chili Basil Reward Card, or you may wait to collect more credits for a higher reward.

With enough CB Credits, you may redeem for virtually anything in our menu. Please have a look at an up-to-date Redemption Offer List on your table every time you come to Chili Basil Thai Grill.

Some Restrictions Applied

Each CB Credit lives up to 6 Months
After each CB Credit is issued to a Reward Card, it will be automatically activated the next day, and will be valid for up to 6 months. If you have some CB Credits about to expire and cannot find a chance to come, please let your friends enjoy this benefit. We promise to give your friends the best satisfaction, guaranteed.

Chili Basil Reward Card