About Us

Q: Why "Chili Basil"?
A: There is a popular Thai dish called "Pad Prik Krapao" which means "Chili Basil Stir-fried", and is normally cooked with minced chicken or pork. You should try this dish from the first item in our Chef's Recommendations section with spicy level 1 or more, then you will understand why we tribute our restaurant name to this dish.

Q: Who are we?
A: We are a family from Thailand who decided to relocate to the U.S. a few years ago. At the time we were packing to depart from Bangkok, a restaurant business in New Jersey was our original plan to make a living in the U.S. But, things slightly slipped off track after we arrived, then we had to take many other adventurous rides until we landed as Chili Basil in Lynnwood on the opposite side of the continent today.

We, Pete & Jas, are the engines that run Chili Basil on a regular basis with hearty support from our 3 children :-)  When we started Chili Basil on Capitol Hill, Seattle in early 2008, it was the first time to put our very own idea into action. We learned our lesson the hard way when we tried to keep Chili Basil running in those two years during one of the worst recession time in the U.S. history.

Those lessons guided us to an ultimate business direction, "Quality" is the key factor of Chili Basil's success. We quit joining coupon crowds, took Lunch Combinations off our Lunch menu after the first month, and started serving only fresh cook per order quality food since then.

Now in Lynnwood, we used this relocation as an opportunity to overhaul our entire operations. We did have a rough ride during tuning period in the very first weeks, but with full efforts of the whole team, all the loose nuts were fixed and everything functions perfectly again.

We, Chili Basil Thai Grill, are looking forward to offer our very own "UpSpice Delicious" Thai cuisine to you in our new, very convenient location next to the Alderwood Mall in Lynnwood.

See you soon.

Chili Basil