Q: Do you accommodate special diet requests?
A: If you are vegetarian or in need of a wheat-free diet, we have prepared a special menu for you. If you have other allergies or just want some items specially made, we will try our best to match your personal preferences, please ask your server for more details.
Some items may be served with a few ingredients left out, though the final serving size may look significantly smaller. We may also substitute some ingredients per your request with an extra fee.  Please note that a custom-made item usually tastes different from its original version.

Q: Do you use butter or milk in cooking?
A: All items in our regular menu are 100% non-dairy. The creamy taste in our Tom Kha soup and curries come from high quality Thai coconut milk. However, we do serve dairy milk as beverage too.

Q: Is Pad Thai safe for people allergic to peanuts?
A: At Chili Basil, yes. There is some misunderstanding that Pad Thai is stir-fried with Peanut Sauce, which is not possible. In fact, Pad Thai noodles are stir-fried with Pad Thai sauce which contains no peanuts at all, then some places will add ground peanuts to the mix before serving. At Chili Basil, we simply add a spoonful of ground peanuts on the side of each Pad Thai dish, unless instructed otherwise.

If you are allergic to peanuts but forget to tell us, or you get ground peanuts on the side of your Pad Thai dish by mistake, they can be safely removed without any effect to the rest of your dish. If you still feel unsure, please give us a few minutes, and we will make a new dish for you as soon as possible.

(Disclaimer: If instructed, we will not add peanuts to your dish, but please be aware that it is prepared in the same facility that uses peanuts on a regular basis.)

Chili Basil