Q: Do you use organic products?
A: All of the fresh mixed green salad accompanied with many items in our menu is certified organic.  We always opt for organic choices whenever possible, e.g. King Eryngii mushroom and cherry tomatoes. Unfortunately, due to many reasons, we cannot use all organic products for our entire menu at the moment.

Q: What kind of oil do you use?
A: At Chili Basil, we use Extra Virgin Olive Oil for salad dressings, and Canola Oil for food cooking on a regular basis. Soy Bean Oil will be our temporary substitution in case we have procurement problem.

Q: Do you use Black Tiger Shrimp?
A: Nope, despite the higher costs, we prefer to use only higher quality Mexican White Shrimp.

Q: Are you still using MSG?
A: We have a family member who is slightly allergic to MSG, but we still enjoy eating out very often and never ask our server this question. If some place heavily use MSG we will know by our internal body reaction, and will never be back to that place again.

At Chili Basil, we never use MSG. However, due to the usage of some commercially produced ingredients from both domestic and abroad which are beyond our control, we cannot 100% guarantee that you will not find any trace of MSG in our food at all.

Q: Do you accommodate special diet requests?
A: If you are vegetarian or in need of a wheat-free diet, we have prepared a special menu for you. If you have other allergies or just want some items specially made, we will try our best to match your personal preferences, please ask your server for more details.
Some items may be served with a few ingredients left out, though the final serving size may look significantly smaller. We may also substitute some ingredients per your request with an extra fee.  Please note that a custom-made item usually tastes different from its original version.

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