Thai Food

Q: Are all Thai food spicy?
A: Not really. Every baby in Thailand was born with a human tongue. In fact, most of the local food in Thailand are served non-spicy by default, but a set of super spicy condiments will always be at hand to add the heat to any personal level later. We grew up and learned to deal with those spicy things bit by bit, and there are many Thai people who prefer not to enjoy food beyond our spicy level 3.

Q: Can you make it not sweet for me?
A: We get this request from some first time customers who might experience unpleasantly sweet Thai food from other places before. We do use sugar, just to balance overall taste as needed, but never let it dominate our recipe. We, the whole team, cannot enjoy sweet food too.
Even our desserts are not that sweet at all. Please give us a try.

Q: Do you offer any Lunch Combo Set?
A: In every Thai restaurant we had worked with before we started Chili Basil, there would always be special lunch combinations with large portions at very affordable prices. To be cost effective with those offers, the food must be cooked in batches and then kept in warmers waiting for an order to be served. Thus, similar to "All You Can Eat" buffets, the freshness of a Lunch Combo depends on how long it had been kept in the warmer before serving.

After a long debate among team members, we decided not to offer any lunch combo sets after the first month of Chili Basil Seattle, and listed only fresh cook per order items in our menus to ensure the quality of all products we served since then.
Q: Why are some items in Dinner Menu priced higher than in Lunch?
A: Chili Basil's pricing policy is very honest and straight forward. Any item served with the same portion all day, such as Appetizers, Soups, Salads, Desserts, and Side Items, will absolutely carry the same price in both menus. On the other hand, most Dinner Entrees will be served with a larger portion with 20%-30% more protein than in its Lunch counterpart for just only $1 more.
Q: When will you change Specials of the Week?
A: Well, it's hard to have a fixed day to change the menu each week. After we decide what will be the Specials next week, we will prepare enough ingredients for about 4-5 days under the normal work load. If one item sells out before the others, we will find a replacement to fill the gap, then you will see the Specials section updated as necessary.

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