Tom Yum
Genuine Thai hot & sour soup with lemongrass, mushroom, kaffir lime leaves, cherry tomato, and other Thai herbs & spices.

Tom Kha
Authentic Thai soup with coconut milk, mushroom, kaffir lime leaves, cabbage, carrot, lemongrass, and other Thai herbs & spices. (+0.50)

Tom Jued
Home-style Thai classic soup with napa cabbage, carrot, spinach, cilantro, and scallion in our signature soup stock.

Khao Tom
Steamed Thai jasmine rice in clear soup sprinkled with cilantro and scallion. (No small serving)

Meat Choices

Chicken, Tofu or Mixed Vegetables 5.65(S),   8.75(L)
Prawn or Fish 6.65(S),  10.75(L)
Mixed Seafood 13.75

Tom Kha Chicken Sm
Tom Kha