Crispy Spring Rolls
Vegetarian spring rolls fried until crispy golden brown, served with homemade plum sauce.  3.40(3pcs),  5.25(6pcs)

Crusty Tofu
Premium firm tofu fried until skin crisp, served with sweet chili sauce and ground peanut.  5.95

Chicken Satay
Chicken skewers marinated with Thai herbs & spices, grilled then served with peanut sauce and cucumber salad.  6.75

Spicy Wraps
Spicy dumpling with minced chicken, chili & Thai herbs, fried and served with sweet chili sauce.  3.95(3pcs),  6.25(6pcs)

Crab Delight
Kamaboko crab in cream cheese with herbs, stuffed in dumpling wraps, fried and served with plum sauce.  3.95(3pcs),  6.25(6pcs)

Coconut Prawns
Whole prawn breaded with coconut flakes, fried until golden brown, served with sweet chili sauce.  5.25(3pcs),  8.95(6pcs)

Wonderful Crispy
Sampler of our popular appetizers: Crab Delight, Coconut Prawns, Spicy Wraps and Spring Rolls, served 2pcs each.  8.95

Crispy Spring Rolls
Crispy Spring Rolls